"Slip-and-Sue" dot com — why this site exists

Personal injury can affect anyone, anytime. From slip-and-falls to severed limbs, from dog bites to defective products, all sorts of bad things can happen to us.

Such things can wreak havoc with our lives, sometimes irreparably. So we seek to repair the damage–to our bodies, our psyches, and/or our possessions–as best we can, and to move on.

More often than not, recovering from a personal injury takes money–a lot of it. So–unless we have no one but ourselves to blame–we seek to hold those who caused our injury accountable by reimbursing us financially for our damage. Many try to avoid such accountability. So we must sue.

That, in a nutshell, is what this site is about: helping the injured “get what’s coming to them.” I hope you’ll find it useful–and enjoyable.

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  • Karlijn Calis

    04 Mar 2012 at 8:01 am


    I am wondering when the first appearence in history of cases like this was in lawsuits? Was it McDonalds or the Tobacco ones?

    Kind regards,

    Karlijn Calis – the Netherlands

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